Why Fish with Rubber Worms?

Fishermen fish with a lot of cool lures, and they use everything from magnetic clasps to scented lures that smell like the fish’s natural prey. If they don’t use lures, they are often using worms or other food items to lure a fish in. But now there’s a new lure that uses the best of both worlds and combines the two: rubber worms.

Rubber worms are reusable and a lot easier to control than real worms, plus you don’t have to feel guilty about killing them. The reason so many fishermen like rubber worms are because they still feel lifelike to a fish. When a fish grabs onto one it feels like a real worm to them, so there’s a lesser chance of them spitting it out.

Plus, the worms are effective at any time of day, and anyone can attach them to a hook without any trouble. However, there are some extra criteria that any worm user might want to follow when picking a worm. First, they need to be the right color and be lighter in darker colored water and darker in clearer water. A fish is going to use its eyes first, so make sure the worm can be seen.

handmade rubber fishing worms

The size of the handmade rubber fishing worms also plays into this, with bigger worms needing to be used in darker water so the fish can see it. Finally, you need to consider how much you want the worm to sink, because different speeds of sinking can attract different fish.

There’s a lot that goes into fishing with fake worms, but they do have a lot of benefits for your average fisherman. So take the time to pick up a few fake worms for your next fishing trip, and then see what happens to your chances of getting a bite!