Order Your Customized Greek Paddles to Show Respect

The paddle serves as one of the most prominent symbols in Greek life. Most people gift greek paddles annapolis md to their sorority brothers and sisters, where it’s then placed on the walls of the bedroom or chapter hall, in a car window, or in another visible manner. The paddle symbolizes Greek life and the Greek community while serving as an amazing decorative piece. Media has popularized the paddle and nowadays, customized paddle options make gift-giving even easier.

When to Gift a Greek Paddle

There are a variety of occasions when a gift paddle is an acceptable and desired gift. Those occasions include:

·    Welcome new members

·    Recognize achievements

·    Birthdays

·    Sign of respect/gratitude

There’s no wrong reason to customize a paddle to gift to someone in your Greek community. The occasions here are just some of the many when a paddle is an amazing gift. It’s a sign of pride and commitment to your fellow brothers and sisters.

Design a Paddle

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The fun with today’s paddles is that you can design it in a way that you choose. Add a customized message if you choose, as well as colors and shapes. The more creative you think, the more amazing your paddle. It’s up to you to decide the final look of the paddle that you buy.

Why is the Paddle so Important?

Fraternity’s first developed in America in 1776. It was the Phi Beta Kappa Greek fraternity that was formed. Since this time, organizations have grown and now almost all American colleges use a sorority order and a fraternal order.

The paddle is a sign of mentoring for a newer member of the Greek community. It shows appreciate, respect, and loyalty and signals that a bond has been created for the younger member. Although no one knows for certain how the use of the paddle came about, what is known is that is has long been a symbol in the community and holds just as strong to that commitment today.