One Of The Best Guitars Ever Built

Of course, there are numerous varieties of guitars on the market these days. The different makes and brands fulfil the requirements of guitar-playing musicians focusing their attentions on different genres. A plain and simple example (although the genre is far from that) would be the use of what amateur or casual musicians would refer to as the classical guitar. The classical guitar is popularly associated with Spanish castanets and flamenco dancing.

The Spanish influence is still very much deeply rooted amongst the Mexican and South American guitarists, slotting in nicely with their trumpet and trombone playing compadres, and not forgetting the lone crooner who belts out sobriquets to the more charming members of the audience. It is usually an intimate gathering and many restaurant goers will be familiar with the musical ambience when visiting their traditional Mexican restaurants.

The use of the turner model 1 guitar is much sought after amongst rock musicians with a leaning towards ballad and folk-oriented lyrics, well peppered by melodic sets. It is nowhere close to what lovers of the genre would call hard rock. The music played by the guitarists is more laid back and does inspire romantic notions amongst its listeners. The iconoclastic Lyndsay Buckingham, a late but welcome addition to the legendary folk-rock American band, Fleetwood Mac, is world-renowned for his use of this Turner model guitar.

turner model 1 guitar

The guitar (and a few other variations have been created) is, of course, named after Rick Turner, the man who built the original in the first place. Back to the classical guitar, which requires no amplifications other than musical genius. Famous folk rockers like Bob Dylan have also popularized the use of this standard piece of wood and string. Now, as for the instrument preferred by Eric ClaptonÂ…